About Us


We are Alex (@petroalexc) and Santi (@petrosantic), 2 cousins from Barcelona with a strong passion for motorsports, adventure and traveling. PetroCamp started on September 2014, when we decided to start posting cool old-school racing photos on Instagram under the handle @petrocamp. 

A couple years ago we started screen printing our own T-Shirts in our parent's garage with an old machine from a second hand webpage. We are now making higher quality apparel and accessories on a bigger scale and shipping it world-wide during our spare time. 




Petro Alex

Alex is currently finishing his studies on business management and working part-time on organizing events related to the automotive world. He loves photography and is the public relations of the two.




Petro Santi

Santi is the technical part of the team. He is a mechanical engineer working as a designer for an austrian brand running orange bikes on the MotoGP World Championship. Santi is the one that takes care of all graphic design on PetroCamp. He also loves to plan travels and takes care of the GPS and guidance when we´re out on our little weekend expeditions.



You can contact us by sending an email to hello@petro.camp